Lemming “im Tigerkostüm” X sixxa

  • Project:
    Character Mould
  • Briefing:
    repainting the lemming bowl
  • Location/Venue:
    Lemming Bowl/Radstadt

The redesign of my lemming sculpture and bowl in collaboration with Kathi (sixxa) happened a week before Go Skateboarding Day 2014 so a freshly painted venue will hopefully lead to a lot of pictures!

Kathi came up with the idea to use her signature “character in a tiger costume” and remix it with some of my elements. After 3 days of exhausting work (only 1 ladder, a lot of rain breaks) we finally finished the redesign and could also snap some pictures of the final piece.

Thanks to my brother Mac for taking pictures of the project, Roman Somogyi for sending over some cans priority and the locals for the session!


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