The Anvil Session – temporary skateable sculpture

  • Project:
    The Anvil Session
  • Briefing:
    creating a sustainable skateable element
  • Date:
    September 2013
  • Location/Venue:
    Schmiede Hallein

The basic idea was to build a skateable version of the Schmiede logo during the 10day workshop in Hallein. I put a clear focus on lightweight construction and recycling. Nick from Rawstudio is a wizard when it comes to sustainability, so they brought PET (plastic) bottles and cardboard to the mix.

Usually concrete skateparks will be made of dirt and gravel with a solid layer of concrete on top … we skipped that, using 100% material that can be re-used and/or recycled if needed. Big sheets of cardboard from bike boxes, different sized plastic bottles and some bits of iron mesh did the trick!

After setting up for approx. 5 days, we had a solid skatesession for the documentation of the project and took it back down within hours on the last day.

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